Phd Mentee

March 26, 2023

As someone who finished their PhD half a year ago, I wanted to share some insights I learned as a PhD mentee. Starting out, I wasn’t the best mentee, but as the process progressed, I improved by trying to see things from my advisor’s perspective - a good tactic, I think!

Here are some things I learned:

  • Plan ahead when asking for something from your PhD supervisor. Don’t wait until the last minute.

  • Keep your PhD supervisor updated on your progress and don’t disappear off the radar. It signals that you’re not taking the process seriously.

  • Be prepared and focused for every meeting. Know what you want to get out of it.

  • Be proactive!

  • Trust your advisor and consult with them. They’ve been through the process themselves.

Being a PhD advisor is hard, and I see that now, even when giving random advice to PhD students. It’s tough to know the best course of action - is it being harsh or encouraging? Most advisors are busy with committees, their own work, and deadlines, so it’s essential to be proactive, organized, and communicative.

Remember, self-discipline, communication, and trust are vital to a successful PhD journey. What are some tips you have for mentees? Let’s discuss!