January 4, 2023

I recently bought a new Dell laptop. The main reason being is that my old one had 16GB RAM and this one has 32GB RAM. This change makes a big difference when I load giant matrices into Matlab so it doesn’t crash anymore.

I also use vim to write in Latex which I like but I don’t recommend if you are new to it. The reason I don’t recommend it is that there is such a steep learning curve for vim that it just takes months to get the hang of it. I wasn’t aware of that. Ignorance is bliss.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this blog post is to remind me (and possibly others that encounter this) is the following (note that this won’t make any sense to you if you are not a vim user): in order for Ultisnips to work in your vim installation, make sure your vim and python versions are aligned in terms of bits. If you have the 32 bit vim, make sure you have the 32 bit python version.